• Andrew – My funny husband, who thinks he can’t write
  • Angela – Friend, ex-colleague, fellow geekoid and biking buddy
  • Ching Yee – Ex-teammate and chilli padi runner
  • Dan a.k.a FontosaurusAn LJ pen-pal who’s just as nuts about writing, pets and bikes
  • Ee-LynMy earliest memory with her is sitting outside the very first Starbucks at Liat Towers
  • Ern – Diabolical twin in a faraway land
  • Faz – The drama diaries
  • Gracie – My best friend, who somehow always manages to understand me 
  • Hann Sern – Mr pink octopus and peanut butter jelly
  • JemRevival of a newfangled kind
  • Joan – Also known as the talented photographer, Valska
  • Joyce– Mummy to cutie pie Keron
  • Karen – Perth-based mummy and blogger turned real-life friend
  • Melody – Meow, the newly-crowned Ice Queen
  • Team Merrica – Erica & Merrill, proud parents of baby Karissa
  • Michael Gronow – Very cool baby, children and family photography
  • Mummy On-The-Go – Kick-Ass Mummy Peng and her beautiful girls
  • NdreaThe super Swooshed out girl
  • Randall – It all started with that press junket to Sydney
  • Saffry My beloved ex-colleague from the three striped world
  • Sher – My childhood friend I grew up and played Mermaids in the pool with
  • UndeadbydawnA faraway curry friend in Scotland
  • Zoe & Emma – Stef’s beautiful cuties
  • Zhing – The most crafty girl and wife in the world

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  1. joanne says:

    hi ickleoriental! was wondering if you can drop me an email?
    got a question to ask you!
    hope to hear from you soon. :)

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