Our Journey

The Start – The story of how we met

Surplise – When I surprised Andrew in Melbourne for a weekend

Unforgettable – Engaged!

The Last Date – Before becoming Mister and Missus

It’s a Wonderful Life – Legally wed

Wedding Slideshow – Something I cobbled together

Chetz’s Speech – My sister’s wedding ramble

Our Honeymoon – Racha Island

A Date – Classic case of ‘Pattern Interrupt’

Beautiful Memory – An anniversary note from my love

A New Beginning is Beginning – We just signed for a new place!

Life’s Good: On To New Beginnings – Moving out of the West Wing

The Babymoon – One last trip with just the two of us

Our New Home – Official pictures by Bryan van der Beek for Obllique

Slumped – Some time together before the little one comes

Naomi’s Nursery – Some shots of the room before her arrival

Showered with Love – The bubba shower!


Tri Hard – My very first mini triathlon in 2004

Hell Girl – Cameron Highlands 2004

Battle Scars – Ride to Plentong 2004

Ace Adventure Challenge – With Nik & Pei Ling 2005

Krabi Bootcamp 2006 – For Women Make A Difference

Action Asia 2006 – Our first big race as race buddies (Pictures)

Proton Power – PCC Ride 2006 (Pictures)

The End of a Season – Desaru 2006

Fun in the Snow – Our super snow holiday in France with JB & family

Aosta – Shopping for a kitchen with JB & T

Red Rider – Glentress, Scotland

Shaken, Rattled, but Rolling – Innerleithen, Scotland

70.3 – My first Ironman 70.3 experience in 2007

Breaking Sixty – Finally going under an hour

Kayuh Lasak 2007 – The gruelling Penang Jamboree

RidingLysterfield Park – Melbourne

BCT Post Race Report – My last 21km


Looking Back on 2010

Encircled in Love – I’m all grown up now!

An Ickle Bit of Advice

Working Out: The Post-Partum Thing: Getting in shape post-baby

Starting Over… Again : Getting back in shape again post-baby #2

Motherhood & My Little Olive & Poppy

Daddy’s First Gift – The origins of Mr Lion

My Greatest Achievement – Naomi’s Arrival

Naomi’s Birth

When Rosco & Sally met Naomi – The doggies meet Nae

A Shift In Self – My First Mother’s Day

Our Little Munchkin – One Week Old Shoot by Michael Gronow

One Month Today

All About Milk – The perils & pitfalls of breastfeeding

Back To Work – Yup, I issa working momma

Charlotte’s Birth – The birth of our second little precious

The Fuzzies

Look Who’s Joined The Fold – The doggie beginnings with Rosco

Baby Rosco – Video of little tyke playing, happy happy joy joy!

Rosco Bear – Bigger Rosco video

A Very Special Christmas Present – Deciding on little Sally (Video)

When Rosco Met Sally – Need I say more? (Video)

Sally Booties – Video of when we tried to put booties on Sally to stop her from dragging her paws

My Favourite Time of Day – Cooing wagtails

Overjoyed Pups – My sausages when they get excited

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