And just like that, my Bug is in primary school.

How have seven years gone by? I know they say that time flies but honestly, I don’t think anything quite prepares you for that moment when your daughter waves you goodbye from the school bus. I stood watching it go round the corner, the way emotional mothers do in the movies. The bus had gone and I was still staring, as if waiting for it to reappear or for someone to pop out and say, “Just kidding! She’s still a baby, here you go you can have her back!”

Naomi’s first week in school was pretty amazing. Everyday I saw her take on a brand new challenge. Her memory and ability to adapt to a disciplined routine has been amazing. I thought she’d really struggle but not only did she cope, but I think she flourished each day. I was nervous about how she would take to the new environment as well since she was so sad to say goodbye to her kindy teachers and friends, but she’s certainly taking to things well. I parent volunteered for most of the week to be ‘around’ and she was so touched and appreciative that she said, “Aww, thanks Mummy. It’s been so nice having you around school this week.”

Meanwhile, I feel like I am back at school in Bata shoes. I’ve been seeing lots of familiar faces – lots of girls from my year or below have kids starting school too. I saw teachers who taught me, aunties who served me in the canteen when I was Naomi’s age, and other familiar faces like bus drivers who are still serving in school today.

It definitely feels like a whole new era, exciting and daunting all at the same time.

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