I always get contemplative towards the end of the year. How am I feeling? What does that mean? What can I do for myself going into the New Year that can address some of that.

Went for a ride this morning, probably the longest local offroad ride I’ve been on in awhile. When you’re overseas and you have no preconceptions of the trail you’re going to ride, somehow your body and mind take you further than you know. But when you’re home and riding familiar territory, your mind can play tricks on you. Urrghh we’re coming up to that climb that I hate. Oh no, my legs feel pretty beat and I know we’re not even half way. Argh there’s that bit that I always feel funny about, will I be able to clear it today. 

The entire ride I thought about how lame I’ve gotten over the years. I don’t remember being so whingey in my own head way back when… yes I was in my 20s but still, I see lots of friends who are thriving in their 30s. There should be no excuse. Hubs and I always talk about wanting to be that Granny couple we saw in Whistler, taking the lift up for their runs down. So awesome. This Auntie feeling HAS to go if I want to see myself in my 40s in a meaningful way.

So that brings me back to the now.

My legs. My arse. They need to work harder for me in 2018.

That is all.

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