This is still here and I haven’t done anything in a year, yet I see there are visitors who still pop by now and again. I finally feel like I’ve reached equilibrium in my life so I am thinking of writing again.

If I do, could you tell me:

  1. How often would you visit?
  2. What would you be interested in reading about?
  3. Do you care about social media and if you do, which channel?

6 Responses to Goodness….

  1. lilditzy says:

    i dont know you personally but i like reading your blog. I’m mostly on instagram

  2. John S. says:

    Hi Jann,

    Yes, we are still the “ever faithful” who check back in frequently to see if there are any updates !
    I think I check probably several times a month or so, just in case.

    I think you should write just as you did in those “olden days”, about your life, about family, really just the everyday stuff. Don’t worry if you think it seems not worthy of posting – – all of us who followed you from your single days, your athlete days, and now with Andrew and the girls, we will all still love to hear about the everyday events of your life, both big and small.

    I am sure you will be encouraged to do this on Instagram or elsewhere, since there are so many newer and “easier” forms of social media nowadays. I know people think blogging is old-fashioned now. And certainly it (can) take more effort to create blog posts than some other choices out there. But I think that very effort makes it more worthwhile.

    And always keep in mind that what you post here will live on long into the future, and you can think of it as a little treasure that you are keeping and building on for the girls to enjoy throughout their future lives. Perhaps someday they will even show it to THEIR little ones as well.

    I bet I am STILL your “most long distance” fan, and I definitely enjoy reading about life in so far away a place from me as yours. From across the vast ocean, San Francisco to Singapore, I will always enjoy reading about your family, as well as those charming “Katy Caterpiller” memories you sometimes conjure up. So, by all means, if your time, energy, and interest allows, do continue to keep this little diary space alive. I bet it will bring you lots of enjoyment to review when we are all old and gray !

    Best regards,
    John S.
    San Francisco

    • Janice says:


      Thank you for this. Yes, I think I’m finally ready to write randomly as I did before. I got a bit lost in the business of life with the girls being little but I was telling Andrew that I feel I have thoughts bursting out and think I have enough personal content that warrant posts now. So watch this space.

      Funny how I’ve been in California twice in recent years and you were so near yet so far! Thank you for always coming back :)

  3. Irene says:

    We r not directly acquainted but has common friends. I like your writings and has been reading since way back, even b4 i knew we had common friends. Tried following you on IG but it is private :(

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