You may or may not remember when my sister organised an amazing baby shower for Naomi’s arrival.

I figured the second time around, there was no need for one. But my sweet sister insisted on one! I guess just like me and my nursery revamp, she thought a shower would be an essential part to welcoming Charly into this world. Having grown up with this little sullen sister, she completely gets my little complex about being the ‘forgotten’ one. Heh.

babyshowersisthe awesomest big sister in the world


It was really special to have everyone round again, even if just to really take in the whole ‘gosh, I’m going to be a mummy again” thing. And of course, everyone spoiled me and Charly with colour appropriate gifts which were really – if you think about it – not needed! But so so lovely, and as Chetz had told them all of my colour theme, everything was completely spot on too.

CharlyPressiesHow lucky are we?!

thecakecharlyChetz even got us a beautiful cake by Happy Cake Studio, which was so amazing I didn’t have the heart to cut into it!


Highlights of the party:

  • The famous vegetable dip by Angela and Jean bringing a whole bunch of Artisan Sweet macaroons – yum
  • The silence that fell upon the room when PF started talking about vaginal reconstructive surgery
  • Gwen arriving with the disposable champagne flutes – hurrah!
  • Wei Wei arriving with cupcakes by Angmorish
  • Unveiling of the amazing cake by Happy Cake Studio
  • Special 5.30pm on air dedication by my lovely friend, Mel *sob*
  • Adele doing all she can to (successfully) win a bottle of bubbly
  • Pressies! All so beautiful!
  • Chetz’s surprise! A gorgeous purple zebra lamp I had been eyeing from Tanglin Mall but just didn’t have the heart to buy
  • Second surprise… Her giving me back a gift I had given her with very special meaning, which made me cry in front of everyone!

What an amazing day!

I’m so glad I decided to put some personalised thank you goodie bags together, which everyone seemed to like. Thank you again, everyone. I had such an awesome day, and I feel like Charly is just so loved already!



4 Responses to Showered with even more Love

  1. Chetz says:

    I just realised I was wearing a pink netting dress for Nae’s baby shower, and an almost identical purple netting dress for Charly’s!

  2. […] you Janice for the sweet shout-out here on her […]

  3. Bee says:

    You have such cool baby showers! And I love the purple-and-green combi.

  4. Jasmine says:

    So sweet! LOVE the cake!!! It really looks like Nae! Too cute!

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