When I look at how far JB and team have come, it’s sometimes hard to remember what things were like before back in 2005.

Just li’l ol’ me sitting at my serviced office desk in Republic Plaza, enjoying the grand old view whilst JB was flying around the globe. At times, it was really lonely. And when he came back from his trips, I was all too happy to have company again.

Our office was so small that it was hard to know each other very well. Every little belly rumble could be heard and private conversations with our partners became not-so-private.

When I left the team in the first quarter of 2008 to begin my in-house journey, I believe I left a team of 16. I had already felt like I had helped build something solid and was so proud of of how far we’d come.

But no, the company is growing and growing at an alarming rate, and is full of bright, young, talented people who make the place such a wonderful environment to work in. It’s nice to be back amongst these people, even if just for awhile.

wpid-374949_10150531240637495_566137494_10351410_491732414_n-2011-12-23-20-55.jpgWell done, guys!

wpid-380087_10150431817641402_501741401_8988660_725525102_n-2011-12-23-20-55.jpgWith JB & T

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