Someone’s changing a lot and fast.

At 33 weeks, the Bug has become this really cheeky little girl. She explores things with her hands a lot, which makes me think she may become as dexterous as Daddy, and laughs when Mummy imitates or makes fun of her. She is really loving and affectionate, and gives me lots of hugs and sloppy kisses whenever she sees me. She’s also getting anxious when I leave the room, which I have read is just a phase that babies go through at this point in their mental development. Hope.

Bug has also learned to bump heads with us when she’s feeling affectionate. She’ll meaningfully bump her forehead against your’s, even on demand. It just melts my heart when she does this. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to do it on demand – especially when she’s sleepy or distracted. But it’s something she does to me non-stop when I pick her up for the first time in the mornings :)

This is our little one on Sunday morning after we had a rough Saturday night, i.e. little sleep. It cracks me up coz it shows just how much Daddy needed his coffee and just how happy and hyper she was (since 5am).


Needless to say, my heart over-floweth with Bug Love this festive season :)

3 Responses to Oh, my little laughing Bug

  1. Elle says:

    Sweetness :) I’m impatiently waiting for my porkchop to smile this much… Instead of fusing her lungs out!

  2. Ruth says:

    haha! the last photo really cracked me up. she is SO adorable :)

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