It’s every Mother’s wish to document as much of her little one as possible, so when Michael & Melina asked if we’d come in for a Mother’s Day shoot, I was only too happy.


Here are some of Michael’s best shots of our little grub on her 9th day in the world.

[cincopa AAEAYlaQ6NzY]

Big thanks to Michael @ Gronow Photography for documenting this part of Naomi’s life.

18 Responses to Our Little Munchkin

  1. JY says:

    Beautiful family and shoot. :)

  2. Andrea says:

    I love the Anne Geddes’ style of photography :) Btw babe, she totally has your eyes! How precious :)

    • Janice says:

      You think so?! Yay!!! That’s what Andrew said too! But so far, I can only see him =P

      • Andrea says:

        She definitely looks a lot like him but the eyes, definitely yours! Characteristically round :) in a good way. I see she has your lips too.

        I’m very impressed with the amount of hair she has!! Even T said, woa! That’s a lot of hair!

  3. Kris says:

    She’s so cute with all the funny expressions :)

  4. joyce says:

    The photos are beautiful!! She’s gorgeous!

  5. serene says:

    I think she has your eyes and nose and brows! Her lips looks like your hubs. :D I can’t wait to see how she is going to change in the following weeks!

  6. rach says:

    another vote for the Anne Geddes thought when i first saw the pics! Its the first one where naomi was lying on this curved liked chair! great one!!

  7. Princessa says:

    Hey Janice, I chance upon your blog and I have to say… it’s amazing!

    The whole site is very heartwarming and your writing has this gentle vibe to it that I can’t really explain.

    Naomi is adorable!

  8. tomi says:

    She’s gorgeous and it was so cute the way she was staring at you.

    Congratulations to you two!

  9. Chetz says:

    I love the circles photo!

  10. guerrrilla says:

    is she sucking on your thumb in one of the photos?? haHaha!! schooo cute. you look so different post-baby. dunno? just different (but in a good way).

  11. Kelly says:

    What beautiful photos! And an equally beautiful family!

  12. Chetz says:

    In the one where she’s sucking your finger, she looks very angry. Like: Mommy, concentrate on me and feed me please. Stop posing!

  13. tiffany says:

    precious set of photos! we want more! :)

  14. What beautiful pictures!! She’s so precious!!

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