Attending two very touching weddings this weekend made me really, really happy for my friends. It’s not everyday you walk down the aisle with your best friend and promise to spend your lives together.

Funnily enough, it also made me think back to our own wedding – It really was a special day. It also made us think about renewing our vows sometime down the road…. But we’re far from that. Gotta be patient and wait another ten years or something.

More on the touching ceremonies later!

3 Responses to Reminiscing…

  1. jemima says:

    Hi Jan,
    just want to say that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your mixpod and am praying you never change the mix! ahhaha thanks for having such great taste in music.
    From a long time reader,

  2. orientalflower says:

    You know, it kinda sucks not being in most of the wedding photos coz I was onstage. Boo.

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